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What to Expect From Your Visit

Before you visit our Charlotte and Scottsdale campuses for your upcoming CDOCS workshop(s),
we’d like you to be aware of how we’re working to make the campus experience comfortable
and supportive for all campus visitors.

Updated Covid-19 Safety Protocols

If you are visiting us in Scottsdale If you are visiting us in Scottsdale: In alignment with the latest CDC guidelines, and to ensure the safety and comfort of our staff and vulnerable guests, we recommend that visitors who are not yet fully vaccinated against COVID-19 wear a mask and socially distance when they are on campus. For fully vaccinated visitors, wearing a mask is optional.

If you are visiting us in Charlotte We will follow the guidance provided by the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County with regards to mask usage. At this time, everyone is required to wear a mask indoors no matter their vaccination status. This means that all attendees and employees are required to wear a face covering once they enter the building and throughout their workshop, except while eating lunch.

During workshops, please anticipate enhanced sanitization protocols that will require attendees to leave the room completely during breaks.

During your campus visit:

Attendees will have their temperatures taken upon arrival.

Masks are recommended for non-vaccinated attendees.

Safety guidelines for effective social distancing will be implemented.

Campus safety practice and procedures

The sense of added structure to your visit and intake on campus is out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of everyone, including other attendees, faculty and staff.

Scottsdale: Upon Arrival

  • Workshop attendees are asked to enter the main building on Campus through a designated door marked clearly with specific signage.
  • Upon entering the building, temperatures will be taken. On day one of workshops.
  • Attendees will then proceed to our registration area while maintaining 6-foot social distancing guidelines in a well-marked area.
  • Sign in will be done via pen and paper and attendees will keep the pen after signing in.
  • Attendees will follow signage and floor directions to lab or breakfast.
  • There will be clear paths for entering and exiting rooms noticeable upon arrival and throughout campus.

  • The elevator will be limited to three people.

Charlotte: Upon Arrival

  • If you are driving, please park on the 3rd or 4th floor of the parking garage and take the elevator up to the first floor.
  • All other workshop attendees can enter the building through the main entrance.
  • IMPORTANT – Before arriving, please fill out and return the Dentsply Sirona Academy COVID-19 Pre-Screening Questionnaire (PDF) sent to you in your pre-event email or you may be denied entrance.
  • All guests will need to take the elevator up to the 4th floor where they will sign in.
  • You will not need to wear a mask on the DS floors in the Charlotte office, however, when in common areas of the building such as elevator banks, lobby, café and gym, please continue to wear a mask.
  • Gloves can be worn at the discretion of each attendee.
  • All attendees will have their temperatures taken on day one of workshops by a CDOCS staff member.

Scottsdale: During Meals:

  • Seating in café will be limited to two participants per table when indoors and four participants per table outdoors.
  • At the main buffet, staff will build plates for guests based on their requests. Guests will be asked to stay 6 feet back by rope and stanchion during service. Plates of food will then be placed onto the end of the buffet line for guests to pick up and an attendant will provide forks, knives, and napkins.

Charlotte: During Meals:

  • At the main buffet, staff will build plates for guests based on their requests. Plates of foods will then be placed onto the end of the buffet line for guests to pick up and an attendant will provide forks, knives and napkins.
  • We ask that attendees wear a mask while in the café when not eating.

Scottsdale and Charlotte:
After your workshop

  • Attendees will be asked to exit the lab promptly at the end of workshops to allow for enhanced sanitization procedures.
  • Join us for a happy hour at 4:00 P.M. after the first day of workshops.

We look forward to
seeing you on campus