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Reopening Campus - What to Expect From Your Visit

With the reopening of the Charlotte and Scottsdale campuses for CDOCs Workshops,
we’d like you to be aware of how we’re working to make the campus experience comfortable
and supportive for all attendees.

During workshops, please anticipate enhanced sanitization protocols that will require attendees to leave the room completely during breaks.

During your campus visit, you can also
expect staff to:

Take the temperatures of all workshop attendees.

Provide surgical masks and gloves, though attendees can also bring preferred PPE.

Implement safety guidelines for effective social distancing.

Campus safety practice and procedures

The sense of added structure to your visit and intake on campus is out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of everyone, including other attendees, faculty and staff.

Upon Arrival:

  • Workshop attendees are asked to enter the main building on Campus through a designated door marked clearly with specific signage.
  • Upon entering the building, temperatures will be taken. Attendees will be asked a set of questions, asked to sanitize their hands and given their mask for the day.
  • The mask provided will be surgical. The goal is to provide level 3, though this will depend on availability.
  • Attendees will then proceed to our registration area while maintaining 6-foot social distancing guidelines in a well-marked area.
  • Sign in will be done via pen and paper and attendees will keep the pen after signing in.
  • Attendees will follow signage and floor directions to lab or breakfast.
  • There will be clear paths for entering and exiting rooms noticeable upon arrival and throughout campus.
  • The elevator will be limited to three people.

During Meals:

  • Seating in café will be limited to two participants per table when indoors and four participants per table outdoors.
  • At the main buffet, staff will build plates for guests based on their requests. Guests will be asked to stay 6 feet back by rope and stanchion during service. Plates of food will then be placed onto the end of the buffet line for guests to pick up and an attendant will provide forks, knives, and napkins.

During your workshop:

  • Attendees will be seated 6 feet apart.
  • Partitions will be erected between attendees and faculty.
  • Attendees will be asked to respect social distancing when it comes to interacting with team members and instructor.
  • Attendees will follow clearly marked signage and floor directions for entering and exiting the room.
  • During workshops with hands-on exercises that require attendees to work closer than 6 feet apart, attendees are expected to wear PPE and follow recommended handwashing and mouth-rinsing procedures before and after exercises.
  • Attendees will be asked to fully exit during lunch to allow time for sanitization of the room.
  • Attendees will be asked to put papers and computers away prior to exiting the room for sanitization.
  • Snacks for breaks will be prepackaged and we will adjust break times to accommodate for any added sanitization time.

Workshop-specific measures:

Attendance for workshops will be limited to 22-24 attendees,
based on the workshop and lab space.

After your workshop:

  • Attendees will be asked to exit the lab promptly at the end of workshops to allow for enhanced sanitization procedures.
  • No happy hour will be offered after workshops.

We look forward to
seeing you on campus